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Locky Escape

Lockouts might seem like simple jobs, but they each have their own stories. One of our locksmiths, Glen Eley, has recently dealt with a couple of interesting cases.

Glen came to the aid of a family who had an unfortunate second day in their new home. Their two year old had locked himself in one of the bedrooms; the parents had been trying to persuade the child to pass them the key, but to no avail.

When he arrived it was to the sound of silence, as the child had cried himself to sleep. The child’s parents were, naturally, distraught. TO the contrary, their daughters were drawing pictures of keys and saw it as a great adventure! Glen unlocked the door, which made for some very grateful parents.

Another memorable job undertaken by Glen was getting a tradesperson back into the house he was working on! The trandesperson was in fact in the process of fitting a new front door to the property.

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