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5 Benefits of Changing Your Locks

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Have you ever paid serious attention to the task of changing your locks? Don’t worry if you haven’t – it’s something that people often overlook. Some view it as an unnecessary chore. Others don’t see it being that important and put it off for a later date. Certain people may even feel that they cannot afford the cost of changing the locks of their homes.

However, there are certain situations that ramp up the importance of swapping out your locks for some shiny new ones. This includes less urgent scenarios such as when your key keeps getting jammed due to a worn-out lock to serious circumstances like experiencing a recent burglary. 

If you’re on the fence about it being the right time to contact a locksmith, below are five benefits to changing your locks.

1. A solution to lost keys

Everyone has gone through it at some point. That feeling of dread as you fumble around in your pockets hopelessly, stating: ‘I could have sworn I had my keys on me!’ The good news is that, in most cases, the keys have simply been misplaced, and they are found almost immediately.

On other occasions, however, your keys might be lost in the abyss.

This is a frustrating and inconvenient occurrence. That much is obvious. However, a recommended solution to the problem is to change your locks ASAP. Yes, your keys may have ended up falling down a water drain or found their way to the skip. Yet there’s also the possibility they have ended up in the hands of someone else.

If that someone else has sinister motives and knows where you live, you could end up losing a lot more than what it would cost to enlist the services of a locksmith. In this type of situation, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Prevent previous occupants from entry

If you have just bought a house that was previously occupied, it is wise to change the locks once you move in. You never know if the former resident might return, using their previous set of keys to gain access to your home. Friends or relatives of the previous owner could have been given a spare key too. In They could let themselves into your home at any time unless you choose to change the locks.

3. Secured against future burglary attempts

A burglary or attempted break-in is always a major warning sign to change your locks immediately. Yet surprisingly, a significant number of people avoid this sign and don’t think about getting in touch with a locksmith. They might have a million thoughts swirling around in their mind after a burglary, admittedly, but it’s essential to be more secure to protect against future attempts.

Even if someone has only attempted a break-in, it is clear that someone had their sights on entering your home. Now imagine if they have managed to acquire a key. Then it’s a case of them being able to walk right through the front door without any resistance – unless you change the locks, of course.

4. Out with the old

Have you ever placed your key in a lock, attempted to turn it, and been met with unexpected resistance? This could be a case of using the wrong key or trying to enter the wrong door. Yet it is more likely that the lock has become old, which causes it to become faulty or stick.

Rather than living with this issue for it to only get progressively worse, you should change the lock. When left to deteriorate, you may hit a stage where the lock suddenly jams to the point it cannot be overcome. The result: you’re left locked outside and need to call for an emergency locksmith.

5. Benefit from the latest advancements

Your locks could be years old but still functioning as expected. However, even in this scenario, it’s always wise to look at alternative locks. As with virtually any sector, there have been recent technological advances in the lock industry. This means you can purchase new locks which are more robust, feature tighter security, and incorporate digital elements.

As highlighted, there are various reasons to change your locks for new ones. If you need any assistance in that regard, LockRite is here to help. Call us today on 0800 0612 677 or visit https://www.lockrite.org to find a locksmith near you.

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